Well that’s a funny looking number on my scale…

11 Feb

155.8. Does anyone know what this number is? I haven’t seen a number like this since my second year of college….and I’m thrilled! It’s nice to see evidence of all my hard work. I recorded all my points every day this week, and I also attempted to track all of my daily healthy checks every day. It’s amazing how tracking keeps you honest and accountable for your food choices. I would really suggest that if you are attempting to lose weight you keep track of what you eat somehow. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Weight Watchers, because WW is mostly a fancy way of counting calories. There are a few online programs with apps for your smart phone that can be just as helpful as a program that costs money. If you’re trying to lose weight or be healthier, NEVER give up. You may make mistakes (a lot) in the beginning, but that’s ok. Even if you improve your diet only one thing at a time you are STILL doing your body a favor.  I’ve been on the Weight Watchers program off and on since 2006. I allowed myself to get discouraged when I got off-track and relied on other people to motivate me. Don’t do that-allow yourself to make a mistake and DON’T DWELL on it. Just move on and take it one day, or one meal at a time. And don’t wait to start your diet tomorrow, because there’s always another tomorrow after that, and after that, and after that…


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