Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels.

25 Feb

My weight is still going down, although my diet was greatly helped thanks to the stomach bug. Not the best way to lose weight, but hey, it happens. This week is especially for women. When I say women, I’m talking to the over 25, one or more kids kind. So maybe you’re one of those women (who all the other women hate, btw) who can get pregnant, eat whatever you want, and then practically strut out of the hospital in your bikini. This blog isn’t for you-in fact, you’re probably not going to be reading this blog in the first place, but I digress….When I gave birth to Noah, I immediately went back to my “pre-pregnancy weight” give or take 5 or so pounds. I started Weight Watchers for the first time about six weeks postpartum. I actually got to the weight I am now. I have really been trying to understand why I couldn’t stay at 155 then, and why I consistently gained weight every year until I topped out at 196 in 2009. I think a lot of it had to do with my expectations. My pre-pregnancy 155 lbs was NOT my postpartum 155 lbs. I was so discouraged. My tummy wasn’t flat, I didn’t have the cute “pooch” I had before Noah-I now had this awful flab. So I said screw it. Why try to lose weight if I’m just going to look like this? I’m not going to be “hot” anymore, so I may as well just enjoy what I eat! Well, I made a huge mistake. You see, my number one goal this time around has been to greatly improve/change my eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With that as my focus, the outward doesn’t bother me-especially since now I have more realistic expectations. I have learned that, as a woman, that flab or those stretch marks mean so much more to me than being hot. They are battle scars! No, I’m probably not going to go around wearing a two-piece anymore, but so what? I get to play soccer with my oldest and dance with my little one. And not only do I get to do those things, now I can do them without getting tired. Ladies, excuse me, WOMEN, please remember that being thin and “hot” are not the only things in life. There truly is so much more, and when you find it, you’ll be so glad you did. 🙂


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