Fried Cheese Taco Bowl

7 Aug

Today I had a delicious, decadent dinner. So far on Atkin’s, I’ve tried to stay cognizant of the amount of fat I’ve been eating and, in general, try not to go overboard. Buuuut, tonight I was craving tacos. I still have with a wonderful recipe on how to make “fried cheese.” My initial thought was breaded mozzarella sticks, as probably most of you did, but this is simply just what it says, cheese that is fried. I’ve decided to share the recipe because it really is delicious. You can either eat it alone, or use it as a taco bowl or taco shells. Really there are lots of possibilities, but I used mine as a taco bowl. Also, if you’re into low carb eating, I REALLY suggest purchasing that book. Anyway, happy eating!


Fried Cheese

Coat the bottom of a non-stick pan with cooking spray. Turn your burner to a med to med-high heat for this. Add oil, I prefer to use olive oil, and make sure it completely covers the bottom of the pan. Add shredded cheese; I prefer cheddar. Sprinkle it around in a circle, based on how large you want your taco shell. It doesn’t necessarily have to cover the entire bottom if you don’t want to. Anyway, wait until the edges turn a crispy brown, and then with a spatula, carefully turn over the cheese and let it cook on the other side. If you’d like to make a bowl, simply lay the cheese circle over ceramic bowl that has been turned upside-down. If you want to make a taco shell, fold the cheese in half, pry it open, and wait until it cools. Then you can fill it how you want! I chose ground beef (sans taco seasoning since it is FULL of carbs) lots of lettuce, sour cream, a little ranch, and a little more cheese (are you seeing the theme here?)

Picture below. Perhaps in the future I will take pictures of the steps but I really didn’t think about sharing until after it was made and devoured. Image


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