Low carb vs. low fat?

12 Aug

In this day and age, information is always at your fingertips. You don’t even need a computer to help resolve arguments over who sings what song, whether or not Pepsi took out “one nation under God,” or to find out the meanings behind the most recent meme. Every drunken dispute can be dissolved merely by pulling out your smart phone, and searching on Google. However, despite all this data, it’s still virtually impossible to research the healthiest way of living. Much of what we hear about nutrition comes from what is currently trending in society. First it was low fat, then low carb, then South Beach, then The Zone, now Paleo and gluten free seem to be all the rage. But where are the facts? So many websites are full of hidden agenda-it seems as though sometimes, it’s difficult to trust even government websites. I wish I could say I had the answers to nutrition, but unfortunately I don’t. I’m asking my followers for some help. What I CAN say, is my stomach has been relatively pain (and blood) free for the week that I’ve been following Atkin’s. I cheated Friday and Saturday (McDonald’s and Taco Bell, I know I know…awful) and I’m certainly feeling the backlash today. Any and all suggestions are helpful. What is the best diet for you? What has brought you the most success, and more importantly, what makes you feel the best?


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