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Turnips and Rutabagas

20 Sep

How do you feel about turnips? Probably disgusted…or afraid. I was, and then I tried them. Oooooh man, they were great. I used them in place of potatoes in a pot roast I made last night. I liked them and even the kids liked them! My oldest son doesn’t even like potatoes, but he enjoyed the turnips. Turnips are a nice low-carb alternative to potatoes. They also seemed to go easy on my stomach, so that is also a plus. I’ve also read that rutabagas make a great alternative in french fries, but I was less than impressed. The recipe I used called for peeled and sliced rutabagas-about 1/4″ thickness, like steak fries. Then it suggested to fry them in butter in the skillet. Everyone likes fries differently, and I like mine super crispy. These were soggy and had a funky taste to them. I’m going to try them again, but this time maybe try baking them? I’ve heard before that you need to fry and re-fry fries in order for them to be crispy. Idk…I’ve never had much luck with homemade fries, even of the potato variety. Any suggestions would be helpful because that is one of those things that I really miss on my low-carb diet…