Brainwashing by the Media

15 May

My husband and I were talking about something this weekend that struck me: brainwashing by the media, with regards to health and weight. I think it’s pretty common knowledge these days that there’s a constant pressure made by the media to look skinny and be a certain size, while also constantly berating us with ads for fast food. However, I thought a lot about the recent health and organic craze, and how it has been (I think) more harmful than helpful in my life. I’ve grown into this pattern of dramatic overeating; i.e., 3,000+ calories a day for a few days, to a dramatic overhaul (no breads, grains, only “natural foods” and more or less a paleo diet.) I’ve gotten into this mode where, (due to fitness and health gurus, often brought about by the media) that I’m not eating better unless I’m eating “clean” or “paleo” or “organic.” I feel like unless I’m creating these super healthy meals that look like something Tony Horton would eat, or-God forbid, if I eat any fast food, I’m somehow failing. I’ve been so conditioned lately to think that bread is bad, processed is bad, so why even bother? It’s become this all or nothing mentality, and it’s proved detrimental for my weight and my health. There is such a pattern of guilt, shame and over-eating. To think that even though I’m dieting, but not in the “right” way, has just amplified those feelings. I remembered that the first time I lost a great deal of weight, it was by cutting portions and eating more healthful foods. Not 100%, nothing but healthful foods, but being more reasonable and using moderation. The second time I lost weight, I did the exact same thing and was successful. I’m going to try to attempt the same thing for a third time. I think there are a lot of well-meaning people out there who truly believe that paleo or all organic is the ONLY way to go. I don’t believe that, and maybe neither should you.


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